Abyzou or translated from Jewish means "Taker of Children" is an ancient dybbuk that steals the souls of children to give itself what it lacks: Life.

History of the DybbukEdit

Back in 1944, Nazi scientists were experimenting on twins, using them to try and create blue eyes from different color eyes. The attempts were painful, causing blindness and death. Abraham Argent was present in that time, and his twin sister, Aliyah, was killed in the said experiment. But something was summoned from the darkness, and brought Aliyah back to life.

A dybbuk named Abyzou: the Taker of Children.

It had used her body as a portal to enter the world of the living. Sensing the evil within her, the Argent killed his twin to stop the disembodied spirit. But because of it, it was sent loose in the realm of the living to seek revenge on it.

Luckily, Abraham had crafted a Dybbuk box, and with the help of the other prisoners, managed to seal it inside, keeping it trapped.



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