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Adam was once a gifted human, possessing high intellect, and a grate understanding of mechanics and robotics. After an unfortunate accident, his father replaced 90% of his body with robotic parts to save his life.

Now, he acts as the tech expert and engineer of the Shadow Guards.


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Adam and his father where working for a powerful company, that specialized in the creation of robots.

Three years before current events, a meteor fell somewhere in the vicinity of Amityville. The company was quick to arrive at the location, and claimed the meteor. From the meteor, they extracted and harnessed two different energies, which where encased within spherical cores:

  • A Blue Core, which was stable, positive energy
  • A Red Core, highly unstable, negative energy.

One day, during the revealing of a new, highly advanced robot, powered by the Red Core, the robot goes haywire, and starts attacking the spectators. Adam manages to activate the blast doors, sealing the robot from the public. The robot is eventually destroyed, but not before it shoots Adam, mortally wounding him.

His father, in desperation, gathers different parts from the most advanced robots he could hinds, and rebuilds Toby's body. However, since the robot parts needed a powerful source of energy to function, he uses the Blue Core.

When he wakes up, he is initially horrified by his new body, but he learns to cope with it.



Being 90% robotic, Adam is stronger, faster, and in general, physically superior to normal humans.

Besides that, his robot parts multiple adaptations.

His arms can shift into blasters, that fire pure Blue Core energy. Adam can regulate the power of the blast, and properties of the energy, making it stun, or making it destroy. For some unknown reason, Blue Core energy is highly effective against Corruption, and can even cure the Corrupted.



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  • He is inspired from Robocop and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, while his Background is inspired by Astro BOy (2009).


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