Captain Ben Long-Leg is a ghost pirate that once terrorized the Seven Seas, obsessed with finding treasure, and belives the Book of Goosebumps has a map that leads to the treasure.


He was the captain of the Scarlet Skull, until that fateful day the black fog rolled over his ship and he ended up in the land of the dead! Two-hundred years later, R.L.Stine trapped Captain Ben within the book as well as the Black Fog. Once unleashed, Amityville is invaded by the Black Fog, where the NightBumpers find Captain Ben on a stranded island as a zombie and they have to escape him and his chanting henchmen. However, they duke it out with him, Pirate style.


Captain Ben was really bad news when he was alive. He was highly sadistic, having fed some of his men to rats if they made him angry or if he was bored, he would feed them to the rats for his amusement and he would like to watch a man bounce. Being dead for over two hundred years has put Captain Ben in a very bad mood, making him even more bad news and more sadistic than when he was alive and he would get real fiery when crossed. Captain Ben is also quite greedy and deceiving, being a notorious liar and is always delighted to have prisoners. And he insists that he asks the questions and he answers the questions. He was also really bent on having his "leg" back, as it really annoyed him to have just one leg. Due to what is said about him, Captain Ben is without a doubt the most evil pirate in the world.


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