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Conner Kerrigan was once a normal human, until he was modified by the DNA Evolutionary Virus, and turned into a being superior to both humans and The Abyssal.


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Conner was the son of the Kerrigans, who where renowned doctors.

When the AbV-08 stand of the Abyssal Virus was released in a small town, his parents sacrificed themselves to prevent the Virus from spreading.

Years later, an investigation by him and his sister lead to the discovery that the Virus may have been released intentionally.

Wanting to find out the truth, Conner infiltrated the lab where the Virus was created. He witnessed human experiments, done with a new strand of the Virus. Wanting tho show the world, he took a strand of the virus and tried escaping.

Armed man flowed him, and tried frantically shooting him down, destroying equipment and freeing the experiments. Finally, when he opened the doors and almost escaped, he was shoot down, dropping the vial containing the Virus, which broke and spilled on the floor. He landed on top of it, thus becoming infected with the virus.

When the Shadow Guards and NightBumpers traveled to New York, thinking the outburst of mutants was the work of Corruption, they where shocked to discover the truth.

Conner helped them end the outburst, and later joined the Shadow Guards.



Conner in an Evolved, a human genetically compatible with the Red Light Virus. The virus grants him incredible physical prowess, and shape-shifting abilities. His most notable power is his ability to modify his arms into almost any type of weapon.

Since there is Abyssal blood running through his veins, his natural weaponry can destroy Corruption.



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