Countess Mosca, a vampire and lover of Count Nightwing. She is much different from other vampires; some say she is an offshoot of an older race of vampires.


  • Name: Countess Mosca
  • Age: Mid 20s-early 30s
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eyes: Red
  • Likes: Blood, evil
  • Dislikes: Being in the same league as vampire bats, having the truth of her origins fudged up


Countess Mosca is an ancient romanian vampire that stalked London. R.L.Stine thought she was presumably a relative of Count Dracula. She stalked the streets, searching for victims who were alone to devour. Once hunted by Stine, Stranger, and Elsa, who was the one that was caught and attempted to be drained. She then transformed into a hideous creature and grabbed Elsa, but she revealed her true form, fighting her and beat her. She laughed and began to spit toxic sludge from her tongue. Flying from all corners, Countess Mosca had apparently been vanquished after crossing water. However, they immediately caught her with the pages of the book, never learning of her true weaknesses.

In Courtney’s time, she is released, and found stalking around Amityville, with Courtney’s mother as a victim.

At Moska's castle, deep within Romania, the NightBumpers find vampire maggots crawling on the walls. Countess Mosca appeared and revealed that the vampires being bats was true, but for her it was a misconception, as her vampire race were truly flies. It was discovered she had been coming from a long line of vampires that passed down every five centuries to hatch a new race of fly vampires.





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