On Halloween Night, Courtney does something that starts something big... something that changes her life and others' forever.


The next day at school which is the 31st of October, the students were talking about Priscilla's little mess in the hall last night when Priscilla arrives with her friends to confront Courtney with her prank. Courtney says they have no proof she did leading to Priscilla to leave in anger and secretly swearing revenge on Courtney. After school that day, Courtney is leaving when she bumps into Revolta in disguise. She helps Courtney and apologizes as Courtney accepts it and runs off. Unaware that Revolta placed a small gem liked insect in her hoodie as a means to keep an eye on Courtney.

Later that night, the Halloween store was having their yearly tours where the tour guests leave with a pillow case full of candy. Courtney and Elsa were taking the kids on tours while Max who was taken on a tour to make up for not taking him out to trick or treat, was waiting on the side not touching anything. As things were slowing down, Justin arrives with his friend Alex who works for the school newspaper to ask if he can take some pictures of the store for the paper.

After the store closed, Courtney, Justin, Alex, and Max went around the store to take some pictures when the store was at it's scariest. As they go through the store, they arrive at the library where Courtney is tempted to open the Book of Goosebumps. Despite warnings from her friends and brother, the description for it from the cue card next to it, and the strange phenomenons from opening the book, Courtney reads the book out loud. As Elsa attempts to stop them, the house suddenly shakes uncontrollable, the lights flash on and off until the bulbs blow, finally many strange shadows escape from the book with Alex taking as many pictures as he can. Suddenly everything stops and everyone is scared stiff from the experience. Outside Revolta is watching the whole thing and says the real fun begins.


  • Max Keller