In the basement of the school at night, Justin and Leon are caught in a fight between the plant life controlled by Ivy who has become half plant, and is working with the spirit Shanbahac. She manages to kiss both guys possessing them with mind control spores just as Courtney, Elsa, and Lilith arrive. Courntey tries to talk sense to her friend but fails as Ivy leading to Courtney ending her friendship with Ivy. This infuriates Ivy and she sends a mind controlled Justin and Leon after Lilith and Elsa while she deals with Courtney herself.

Five days earlier at Stranger's store, everyone was working around the store except for Lilith who was having a hot dream about Justin, when Alex comes in to tell them that the designs for their monster hunting uniforms are finished. They plan to use a material called normax in order to provide extra protection. A customer arrives who is a female teenager around their age, sees the group, and says she doesn't understand how so many people can be friends. She then asks for lollipops and notices Justin, saying he's cuter then she thought he'd be. As she leaves, she says her name is Zazie Halieday. When asked by the others, Justin says she's never seen her before in leaving the group to wonder who she is.

That night at a bar, Red Scarlet arrives there, attempts to order a hot fudge sundae but fails. She is suddenly attacked by the occupants of the bar revealing themselves to be trolls in disguise, only to be defeated by Red Scarlet in a matter of minutes with her guns and chainsaw sword. She then kills the owner who is also a troll, tells the corpse to add hot fudge sundaes to the menu next time, and leaves.

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