Back at Strange's store, Victor hears the whole story and finds it hard to believe all this stuff happened just because of reading a book. Before the blame game can continue, Justin and Leon remind the group they need to find Grungy before he and Inke strike again. The group notices Max is at the store with Arte who is revealed to be Zazie's little sister. In the rec room, the group goes over everything they know about the attacks, the victims show it was from a zombie and all the attacks have been at Noygog Chemicals, which make them connect it to Ivy. Despite all the evidence, Courtney is sure Ivy has nothing to do with it. To prove to the group, she calls Ivy's mom only to discover that Ivy ran away from home in Boston a while ago. The group then goes to see where Ivy is living now.

Using Alex's connections at school, the group finds out that Ivy has been staying at a room in Hotel 7. They manage to break in and discover that Ivy has maps, photos, and other details of Noygog Chemicals, making Courtney realize that her friends were right. She says they need to find her right away.

At Noygog Chemicals Testing Plant, Ivy makes another call to Inke and Grungy to attack the testing plant while accidentally revealing she is there. Before she can leave, she is confronted by Courtney who reveals she's found out everything, her running away from home, the attacks, and her stealing from the shop she's works at. Ivy is disappointed that Courtney doesn't understand and goes to leave, only to bump into Inke and Grungy. The see their employee and discover that all the payments they were receiving were probably fake. Courtney manages to distract them with her fire powers and she, Oogie, and Ivy make a run for it inside the plant. Ivy begins to freak out that her hired goons were monsters, Oogie being on Courtney's shoulder, and Courtney being some kind of fire monster. Courtney corrects her that she is a wiccan before the security guards turned zombies manage to find them and chase them.