Dr. Victor Frankenstein III is the great grandson of the first Victor Frankenstein. He is also the creator of Elsa I. Gynoid, and turns out to be one of the beings trapped within the Book of Goosebumps

Characteristics Edit

Name: Victor Frankenstein III

Age: Appears in his forties

Hair: Grayish Brown

Eyes: Brown

Likes: Experimenting, creating new Gestalts

Dislikes: Being called crazy

Family: All deceased, his children, Elsa

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Victor is a genius in reanimation and mechanics, though he believes human beings to be flawed, which pushes him to create his gestalts. He grew up hearing stories about his grandfather's attempts and success, and did the same thing with cats. Seeing the abominations he made, hsi father beat him, and his mother disowned him, sending him to a psyche ward. But he was broken out of it, once military scientists learned of his skills. Seeing abusing of his gifts again, he turned on them using his own creations.

His traumas have made him rather distrustful with humans and other living beings and very paranoid.

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Karel Roden