Gil profile
Vital statistics
Position Frogman, Night Bumper member
Age Unknown (possibly16)
Status Alive, Single
Hair Green and yellow fins on head
Eyes Deep Blue Sea Blue
Physical attributes
Height 5'6"
Weight 155 lbs
Personality statistics
Likes Rotten Eggs, swimming, fish food, Pizza with anchovies, playing video games
Dislikes Cats, being dry and hot
Family Tree
Family Unknown
Other statistics
Voice Actor Unknown

Gil is an ancient Gillman sealed away deep below the waters of the Caribbean. He joins up with the NightBumpers after his home is destroyed by the Kraken and Piranha Gillmen, and becomes the Frogman of the NightBumpers.


  • Name: Gil
  • Age: Unknown (possibly 16)
  • Hair: Green and yellow fins on head
  • Eyes: Deep Blue Sea Blue
  • Likes: Rotten Eggs, swimming, fish food
  • Dislikes: Cats, being dry and hot
  • Family: Unknown



Gil is somewhat a... bubblehead. Or rather birdbrained would be a good statement of his situation. Though despite that flaw, Gil is joyous, absent-minded, and a bit naive. He can be a little air-headed at times, has a short memory and a short attention span. Because of these traits, he is even called an "airhead".

He is still rather unfamiliar with human customs. Despite this, he seems to be able to sense the mood when things get serious, such as when Arte was in danger of falling in Piranha-Gillmen water, which could kill her, Gil was very distressed.

He also seems to love playing video games, often ignoring more important matters like an intruder in the house in favor of playing.

Despite Gil's childish demeanor and appearance, he gets angry whenever people call him an idiot. Or even imply that he is one. This causes him to get very defensive.


Gillman physiologyEdit

  • Amphibious: As a Gillman, Gil possesses gills on the side of his neck and hidden on his upper torso, which allow him to breathe water. However, if he breathes chlorinated water it can be dangerous for his health. As long as his gills remain moist (which is easy because of his slimy skin) he can breathe on land.
  • Fins: Because of the finds on his feet, tail, and back, Gil is naturally an expert swimmer. His fins are strong enough that it can propel him several meters out of the water. He can swim at a speed of 50km/h. Considering how fast he can swim, his muscles are powerful masses, which can knock people out cold in one strike.
  • Water sensing: Gil is somehow capable of sensing water from great distances, and quite possibly the water inside living creatures as well.
  • Slimy skin: His scaly body naturally secretes a slimy substance to keep himself moist. Because of this, he has to wear special clothing that doesn't easily slide off. If not properly clothed in cold weather, the coating will cause him to become quickly chilled.
  • Cold water resistance: Because Gillmans or mermaids' natural homes at the bottom of the ocean are very cold, Gil is naturally resistant against cold water.
  • Marine Life Knowledge: He is also very knowledgeable about marine life.


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Voice ActorEdit


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