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Gnomes: little men of the Amityville forest.


Gnomes are shown to be very short creatures. They usually wear red pointy hats and most males have beards. Gnomes can have normal teeth like humans, or sharp pointy teeth, like animals. They have long beards that cover the sight of their body and really short legs. No female gnomes are shown, if they exist, since they said they were making Courtney their queen for eternity.



Gnomes are generally upright, but when scared, they have been known to flee on all fours or betray whoever controls them and work for their opponent, such as the time when they quickly switched sides. But, despite their cowardly nature, gnomes are more dangerous than they appear. The Gnomes seem to be the least respected by other creatures given their short stature and cowardly nature but they compensate in teamwork. However, it causes them to be somewhat egotistical as the Lead Gnome was boasting about how dangerous they can be, even though he was easily dealt with by Max using a shovel. They also seem capable of training animals and talking to them.


Gnomes can easily work together to form a single humanoid creature like Norman, and even a giant, gnome-like monster. They can also use themselves as darts and arrows.

They are extremely weak against leaf blowers, as well as dog whistles due to their enhanced hearing, though they also seem unable to organize without a leader giving them commands.


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