Sixty years passed since the indicent, and now a new Horror/Adventure beings... all with an unsuspecting Goth Girl with a crush.


Sixty years have passed and it is now 2007. Courtney Keller, a 15 year old Goth punk female high school student, is getting ready for her freshman year in high school with her little brother Max, while their mother, Diana, is getting breakfast ready and herself ready for work. Diana tries to talk Courtney into trying a new style to try and get some friends at her new school. This is due to her father dying in a car accident causing her to become a Goth, pull scary pranks at school, and talk about the Occult. Courtney doesn't believe that she will make friends after not having any at her last school, she is more focused at getting applying for the job offer at Stranger's Halloween and Antique Store to help support the family. They all finish eating breakfast and head out.

At Amityville Junior High, Courtney is getting her books from her locker when she noticed Justine Seyvont, a classmate of hers getting bullied by Josh and his goons. As Justin makes a break for it leading to Brad running face first into Courtney's locker door. As the two goons take Brad to get fixed up, Justin thanks Courtney for her help, and warn her that Brad's girlfriend Priscilla will get back at her for that. It doesn't bother Courtney as she goes to class.

Later on in the cafeteria, Courtney is sitting by herself reading the Raven while eating lunch, when Justin joins her. At first, Courtney's disinterested, but then Justin makes mention of George A. Romero, which peaks her interests. They start a conversation about horror directors and authors and have a good time, until Priscilla, Brad's girlfriend and head cheerleader, confronted Courtney about Brad's nose which Courtney says is an improvement. After Priscilla storms off saying she'll get back at both of them for that, Justin and Courtney continue to bond along with Justin offering to take her to Stanger's store so she can put her resume in. They started laughing as a new friendship had been made between them... even if Courtney wouldn't admit it or deny about it.