The beginning of the Goosebumps Adventure, in which three strangers meet a dark stranger, who has a dark purpose for the item they have in tow.


In 1947, an angry mob is outside of a castle in Transylvania was trying to break in after hearing about grave robbers hiding in the castle, that needed to be killed to stop what ever evil they unleashed on them all. Inside, three people, R.L. Stine, John Stranger, and Elsa are waiting for Stine's contact who can help them escape and deal with the item they were guarding, the Book of Goosebumps. They plan to run to America in order to protect the book when Stine's contact Volta arrives and points out that the villagers are not that pleased with Elsa's appearance after graves were dug up for body parts. Volta then reveals that she has come for the book along and her true reasons for giving the book to John and Stine, the funds for their expedition to track down the supernatural, and the means to create Elsa. When they learn of this, Stine, John, and Elsa attempt to escape but Stine stays behind to hold off Volta. She kills Stine while revealing her demonic form and her true name, Revolta while Elsa manages to knock Revolta's henchmen the Crypt Keeper, Gestalt out. She throws him at Revolta knocking her and the Potato Monster into the fireplace, setting them both on fire as John and Elsa escape with the book and Stine's body. They are unaware that Revolta and Gestalt healed themselves and Gestalt is horrified to see his master furious at what happened as she changes into something terrifying and make chase for the book.

Outside, the villagers manage to break into the castle, while John and Elsa run to a windmill to cover their tracks unaware they were spotted by a villager who alerts the others. They chase after the two as they make it inside the windmill. They are left with no way out as one of the villagers throws a lit torch that creates a bigger fire from the alcohol stored there. As Elsa and John are looking for a way out, the villagers are scared off by Revolta in her true form who arrives just at the windmill falls into the cavern below. Revolta can find no trace of the book, Elsa, and John and realizes that they escaped with her key to world conquest.


  • R.L.Stine
  • John Stranger
  • Elsa
  • Revolta
  • Crypt Keeper