The next day at school, Courtney and Justin talk about his shoulder from the battle which he says is recovering and was able to come up with a story for his aunt to believe. Courtney then hugged Justin as a thank you for saving her yesterday. Then Priscilla arrived and said she knows that it was Courtney that somehow knocked her out, wiped her memories, and left her and her friends naked in the graveyard last night due to seeing Courtney leave school early to prepare it. Courtney denies it and Justin back her up by saying she has to leave early for work. Despite that, Priscilla says she plans to get pay back for yesterday and leaves for class. Courtney and Justin agree to meet at the shop after Justin sees his aunt at the museum where she works and hang out Saturday. As the two go to their different classes, a pair of eyes is watching Justin before they disappear without anyone noticing.

After school at the Amityville Museum, Justin goes through the Supernatural Wing comparing it to Strange's store when he comes across a very unique exhibit. In a glass container was a metallic bracelet with a red gem in the middle. Professor Birch arrives and tells Justin the bracelet is the Kinsmir Blade, a relic from a time where vampires and werewolves were at war with one another. When the war ended, a pact was made in the form of the Kinsmir Blade which is said to have the power of the vampire and werewolf leaders inside it. Due to having the werewolf and vampire powers in it, neither side could use it and the user had to be chosen by the blade. After he finishes, Justin is told that his aunt won't be coming home due to having to fight for another grant from her rival Greg Lee. As they made their way out of the wing, the jewel of the Kinsmir Blade became an eye and looked at Justin as he left.

As Justin is leaving the museum, he hears the sound of someone fainting. He finds a beautiful girl on the ground and helps her up. She says she's always been weak as she presses her chest on Justin's. As Justin tries to resit, the girl who says her name is Lilith Morrigan and to look at her face. Suddenly Justin's eyes became strange and he suddenly hugged Lillith for no reason as they entered the crowd. Elsa saw the whole thing without being seen and didn't know how she was going to tell Courtney.