At Strange's book store in the library, Courtney is trying and failing to use her wiccan fire powers, when Elsa arrives to tell Courtney what she saw happen to Justin. Courtney does not take it well and wants to investigate Lillith with Elsa helping her despite not being a student there.

The next day at school, Courtney, Elsa, and Oogie in Courtney's backpack look all over the school grounds but can't find Lillith. Only for Courtney to find sitting next to her and Justin just staring out the window. Lillith then says that Justin spent the night helping her study and with her cooking skills after making Courtney think she and Justin did something else. When Courtney asks what her relationship with Justin, Lillith tells her to meet her at the stairway after class. Justin tries to figure out what happened last night and knows he has to clear this up with Courtney, but misses his chance after class and goes looking for her. At the stairway, Courtney is angry at Justin and Lillith while Elsa watches her and Oogie can tell there is something off with Lillith when she arrives. Lillith reveals that she knows about the Book of Goosebumps, Courtney and Elsa's abilities, and her plan to make the male students her personal love slaves using Justin. She tells them she plans to use Justin to make all the other guys jealous of him and want her over Priscilla along with the other girls, then dump Justin, and take control of all the males in the school. Before tempers can fly any higher, Justin arrives to try to talk to Courtney, but Lillith gets into Justin's arms, uses her magic to make Justin say that Courtney was using him, and makes Courtney run off in tears with Elsa chasing after her. Outside, Courtney is feeling terrible and begins to question whether they were friends at all. Elsa tries to cheer her up until Oogie tells them that Justin is under a Succubus' spell. He shows them the page in the Book of Goosebumps saying that Succubus use love charms and spell to entrance and control men. By kissing the male, the Succubus gains full control of the victim forever. Realizing the danger Justin is in, Courtney, Elsa, and Oogie go to look for him and stop Lillith before it's too late