Syren is a beautiful Spirit-like being with a magic singing voice and is the antithesis of her sister, Banshee.


  • Name: Syren Golstic
  • Age: Unknown (appears 16)
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Green
  • Likes: Singing, serving coffee, Marin and the Inn business she's working in right now
  • Dislikes: Hurting people, taking people's youth and lives from them
  • Family: Banshee (sister), Marin (guardian)



Unlike her sister, Siren is kind and selfless; she is generally a very happy, pleasant, and sweet girl. She feels no end of sadness from being forced to hurt humans by her cruel sister. She cares a lot for Marin and will do anything to please her. However due to her Siren nature, she feared that she'd be shunned by her if she told her.

Strangely enough, she has taken a liking and crush to Leon, who strangely is now attracted to her now. Seeing as how his Lycan nature makes him immune to her Siren song.




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