The 13 of the Makai

A diagram depicting the pattern of the 13 Artifacts of the Makai Realm.

The 13 of the Makai are Thirteen legendary artifacts and weapons that hail from the Makai, the Demon Realm. And each artifact must go to a bearer; a chosen host to ensure that said power doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Secretly, separate they hold destiny to one, but together, they hold the fate of the Earth, Humanity, and the entire Universe.


In the Beginning, there was the First artifact: The Darkforce. Then to balance it, came the Kinsmir Blade, the Balance of the Bat and Wolf. For over countless Millennia, these two powers fought over each other, until a Third was discovered: the Reaper. A blade that once used when the Stars of Kihan were aligned, could open a portal of a dimenison of Pure Power, Pure Chaos... and pure Evil.

A Thousand years, in 995 A.D., the current bearer of the Darkforce attempted to open the gate with the Reaper, and did so, opening the portal. But something went wrong.

Upon the Gate's opening, ten other artifacts were unleashed, scattering them all over the world. Unknown, even to mortal scholars and myth hunters, all thirteen artifacts act as thirteen keys to either open the portal to the Makai, or close it for good for another thousand years.

It is said should all thirteen be brought together on the Alignment Night, the Universe would be brought into Eternal Darkness, and the Army of the Darkforce would rule dominion on all.

The Known 13

The 13
 [[|The Angelique]]
The Angelique
 [[|The Spear of Longinus]]
The Spear of Longinus
 [[|The Eye of Winter]]
The Eye of Winter
 [[|The Eye of Dragons]]
The Eye of Dragons
 [[|Pandora's Box]]
Pandora's Box
 [[|The Terror Mask]]
Terror Mask