Necronomicon Ex-Mortis (Also known as 'Book of the Dead' and 'Naturom Demonto') is one of the most dangerous books, next to the Book of Goosebumps. It has power to harness the ability to control both the dead and Deadites, as well as to summon something called the Force (not a Star Wars thing).


The Necronomicon is said to have been written by the Dark Ones, bound in human flesh and inked in human blood. This text contained prophecies, funerary incantations, and demon resurrection passages. In 1987, the book was found by Professor Raymond Knowby.

Characteristics and AbilitiesEdit

The Necronomicon is bound in human flesh, inked in human blood, and has a variety of different passages and translations to do mainly one thing: Awaken the Evil to possess the living so it can be reborn on Earth.

The reading of passages from the book out loud "activates" the powers of the book to awaken evil in inanimate objects (such as trees), and raise the dead to serve as its servants. It can also turn living people into its servants as well, making them "Deadites" (there seems to be no notable physical difference between when a living human being or a dead human being becomes a Deadite). Sunlight, though, can release those possessed from the affliction. In addition the passages of the book can be used to open portals to other places in time and space. Also the book, supposedly, has the ability to return the evil it awakens back to sleep, or restore people to normal (though this is suggested to be possible it is never shown to happen).

The book is shown to be able to infect animals, and any living entity, with its evil creating Deadites out of them. The book is also shown to be able to be physically injured, causing it to bleed, though such injuries allow the book to spread its evil even easier as it seems as the "blood" can infect anyone it comes into contact with. The book also, is apparently indestructible.

In addition, the spells and powers of the book are extremely varied depending on the passages read and who is reading the passage. The book has been shown to have a detailed history of its interactions with the line of Chosen Ones who are called to protect the world against the evil of the book.