The Cloyne
The Cloyne profile
Vital statistics
Position Unknown
Age unknown
Status Unknown
Hair Rainbow Colored
Eyes Red
Physical attributes
Height varies from host to host
Weight varies from host to host
Personality statistics
Likes Eating Children
Dislikes Unknown
Family Tree
Family varies from host to host
Other statistics
Voice Actor Unknown

Il Cloyne è in realtà il capello e la pelle di un demone demonio che mangia bambino, che assume il corpo di chi porta il "costume". Può essere rimosso solo se l'ospite muore o si mangia cinque bambini.


  • Nome: Gustavo Godendo il Cloyne
  • Age: Unknown
  • Hair: Rainbow Colored
  • Eyes: Red
  • Likes: Eating Children, lust, sex
  • terrorizzare le persone, essere ascoltato, comando, essere malvagio. punish Mariano and Koenraad. Non: non mangiare i suoi cinque figli
  • Family : Mariano ( son)

Koenraad (figlio)


The Cloyne was an ancient demon residing in mountain caves in the Nordic regions. The legend stated that it was the origin for the look of the Clown itself. Its red nose blistered from the cold, its pale completion with no sunlight, and a horn on its head resembling a funny hat. It would lure children into its cave and devour them on the spot, luring them in with funny tricks, laughter, anything to gain a child's trust. Somehow the Cloyne was caught and then turned into a costume; its red nose and skin was make into a suit and its hair into a rainbow-colored wig. It was later on discovered by one man named Herbert Karlsson, who owned a costume store and had received it from an Icelandic boat.

He was the brother of cancer treatment specialist, Dr. Martin Karlsson, who had not only having been the previous owner of the clown costume, but also having previously suffered the same terrible effects of wearing it. Wanting to give the children hope, Herbert dawned the costume to cheer them up. It slowly began to change him, and his brother Martin promised to find a cure; though he had to give in and gave the demon what it wanted: Five Children for Every Month of Winter to feast on. Herbert was freed of the costume with no knowledge of what he had done, but Martin had told him of the situation, and both vowed to destroy it. However, Stranger, who was the guardian for the Book of Goosebumps, convinced them that the Book could hold it, and thus entrapped it in the pages.

But then Courtney read the book aloud, unleashing it once again.


The Cloyne is an extremely manipulative creature and predatory as well. He can play on a person's emotions, such as he tries to convince Courtney to help it bring him one last child, while threatening that if she didn't, she'd go after her brother Max, or after Zazie's sister, Arte.




  • The idea of the Cloyne originated from a movie directed by Jon Watts and produced by Eli Roth, entitled Clown.


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