With a little help from Justin, Courtney reaches the Halloween Store, unaware that it wasn't just gimmicks.


After school, Courtney met up with Justin so that she could take him up on his offer of driving her to Stanger's Halloween and Antique store. She was nervous about it due to him being her first friend in a long time, worried that her mother's job will make them move again, but she didn't know her way around Amityville, so she and Justin went to get his beach dune buggy that he had made from scratch from parts in a junkyard. They climbed in and went to the store so that Courtney could apply there. They arrived at the store and went inside where the it gave off a haunted house feeling. The two split up with Justin going to the Antiquities Wing while Courtney went to the library to look for any employees.

In the Antiquities Wing, Justin is looking over the artifacts that were on display until he gets spooked by a spider he thought was a fake. Then he meets an employee named Elsa, whose bright and cheery side seems a bit out of place in such a place.

Meanwhile in the library, Courtney is looking at all the books on display when she finds the Book of Goosebumps. She goes to open it when she is stopped by the owner of the store, John D. Stranger. Courtney goes on to say she's there to apply and Stranger immediately hires her while also revealing he already knows her quite well, which he says is because she dropped her ID card when she entered the library, saw her family move in, and the way she dresses shows she enjoys themes of horror. Courtney is happy to have the job as Stranger tells her the job is to never read the book while giving her the key to the lock and helping Elsa around the store. Elsa and Justin arrive to hear the news, and congratulate her and is told she starts on Friday after the school dance.

Justin and Courtney leave while Elsa and Stranger watch them leave as Elsa asks if it was such a good idea to trust Courtney right away. Stranger says he sees a bit of Stine in her. Elsa is still worried though due to the danger the book holds for the world.