Courtney is aware of the dangers of the book, as one of the evils latches onto her.


At the Keller household, Courtney is not taking the whole monster hunter idea well, and Oogie's comments on it along with him seeing Justin as her boyfriend don't help. Courtney sees the monster hunting bit as excuse to be seen as even weirder and sees Justin as a mechanical geek who hangs around her. Then Mrs. Keller who just arrived home with Max knocks on Courtney's door saying a package came for her. Courtney opens it to find a scary mask that feels like skin. Mrs. Keller asks her not to scare her brother with it and leaves. Courtney tries the mask on and discovers that it can alter itself to fit her face perfectly and change her voice to match it. Max walks in and gets scared by her acting. When she begins to tack the mask off at Max and Oogie's request, she has a hard time getting it off at first but succeeds. Max then meets Oogie for the first time.

Later that night, despite Oogie's reasoning of why Courtney should be careful of the mask such as not knowing who sent it, the way she acted while wearing it, and how hard it was to get it off, she doesn't listen and really likes her new mask. She leaves the mask on the desk and the two go to bed. The mask turned towards Courtney, grows legs, and makes it way to Courtney's face as it slowly changed her into a form matching the mask. The possessed Courtney gets up, gets dressed, and leaves out the window. In town, a drunken Josh and his friends are leaving the bar when they see a female figure making their way. Josh begins to approach her despite Leon being the only one sober that they shouldn't, only to discover it to be the possessed Courtney looking like a monster. The jocks run for it but only Leon and Josh escape with the other two being captured by Courtney. The next morning, wakes up thinking it's a nightmare from the room being as it was when she went to bed. But she finds green scales on her bed and begins to think she needs to show the mask to Stranger. Suddenly the mask jumps at her, becomes a necklace around her neck, and convinces her that she shouldn't tell Stranger about the mask since she wants to get back at Priscilla before she does. Courtney decides to tell Stranger and Elsa after she takes care of business with Priscilla.


  • Courtney Keller
  • Justin Seyvont
  • Max Keller
  • Alex Foxx
  • Elsa I. Gynoid
  • Diana Keller
  • Oogie

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