The Scarecrows are animate beings created for workforce, but became uncontrollable and evil, and had to be sealed within the Book of Goosebumps

Background Edit

Needing help with farm work and no one offering to help, an old farmer found a spell book, and a spell within it to bring inanimate objects to life.  Using the spell, he brought to life the scarecrows that had been posted in his farm.  It had worked well, as the scarecrows helped around the house.  But rumors spread of the unnatural way the scarecrows were brought to life, and stormed the farm to burn the old man for witchcraft.  But without the farm, the scarecrows became unruly and started attacking the townspeople.  One of the townsfolks found the spellbook and found the spell, recanting the incantation, but it didn’t send the scarecrows back to being inanimate.

That was when R.L.Stine and John had arrived to fix the problem.  The town had been plagued by scarecrows at night, as the scarecrows had become smart enough to attack at night to avoid the authorities and any other problems.  Luring the scarecrows into a barnhouse, Stine sealed them away into the Book of Goosebumps, or rather, the lifeforce that brought them to life, returning them back to inanimate.

Once Courtney reads from the passage, the same spell that brought the scarecrows to life, brought forth a new legion to terrorize the farms that occupied Amityville, including the new farmhouse bought by Courtney’s uncle.

Personalities Edit

The scarecrows have no personalities; they merely function to serve the one that awakens them. However, they become uncontrollable if the will is weak.

Skills/Abilities Edit

Strength and Agility: Because of no bones and their insides are mainly straw, they are quite agile. Their strength is supernatural, so they can overpower an opponent with also the numbers involved.

Semi-Indestrucable: Because they're mostly made of straw, they can put themselves back together. however, their one weakness is fire, so they'll burn easy.


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