The werewolf eyed the three teens and one boogie monster as Courtney made the first move. She uses her fire to light the mace can, throws into the mouth of the werewolf, and then use her fire power to dodge the explosion. This caused the werewolf's mouth to burn leaving it unable to fight back allowing Courtney and Justin to stab the werewolf with their silver steaks. Despite all the pain it was going through, the werewolf was able to knock Justin off him, pull the steaks out of its chest, and fight off Courtney enough to reveal it can talk and wants the Book of Goosebumps. Justin transforms and manages to knock the werewolf out, but it escapes before the group can asks it any questions. Leon volunteers to track him while also being exposed as a full blooded werewolf to the group by Justin.

Meanwhile at the abandoned oil rig, Lillith and Elsa are still looking around the outside of the building, Lillith complains that she wanted to go with Justin, until they are joined by the others including Leon. After another rival fight between the girls, Leon points them in the direction of the entrance, unaware that the red clocked woman is still following them. The manage to get inside via the roof and with Courtney's fire, they made a terrible discovery.