With the light provided by Courtney's fire, they discovered the room was full of werewolves trapped and connected to IVs sucking fluids out of them. Leon finds his friend Chelsea who went missing a while ago. He reveals that the elder of his pack sent him to find the missing wolves and it was coincidence he checked the swamp. Courtney asks why someone would be doing this, making Leon say that only the Uber wolf has that answer.

Meanwhile, Alex is waiting in the van, when a large creature jumps on the Ceberus, and heads toward the oil rig. Knowing that's where the others went, Alex follows in the Cerberus to give the team back up.

In the oil rig, everyone is helping the werewolves out of the seats and out of the lab, when Mr. Isaac reveals himself to be the one behind this lab. He reveals that he used to perform experiments that allowed humans to become immortal by consuming the essence of werewolves before Stine's group trapped him in the Book of Goosebumps. The current formula allowed him to become a type of werewolf that could further shape shift his lycan from revealing that he is the Uber Werewolf. The formula still can't transfer the immortality of a werewolf, but the book can. Courtney refuses to give him the book, prompting Mr. Isaac to take the serum and transform into the Uber Werewolf. Justin and Leon form a truce to make up for their strained friendship and agree to take down Mr. Isaac.