As Justin and Leon fight Mr. Isaac in his Uber Wolf form, Mr. Isaac manages to overpower both of them. Justin manages to get back up and continue fighting. Suddenly Mr. Isaac's claws begin to burn from the silver in the Kinsmir Blade. When Courtney asks Lillith about that, she says the silver in the Kinsmir Blade helps keep the power along with one other factor. Before she can answer, the battle continues leading to everyone except for Oogie to join in. Despite being out numbered, Mr. Isaac proves to be extremely tough in his werewolf form. During the fight, Justin's armor deactivates leading to Mr. Isaac over powering Leon. Courtney uses this distraction to create a powerful fire ball that that knocks Mr. Isaac on the ground. As everyone begins to reconver, Mr. Isaac gets back up to get the book, when the Cerberus breaks through the wall, and knocks Mr. Isaac on the ground. Using that distraction, Justin manages to use the silver steaks to rip Mr. Isaac's head off finally finishing it. Mr. Isaac's body is set ablazed, turns into mist, and is sent into the book. Everyone climbs into the Cerberus for a well earned rest, unaware that the red cloaked figure was still watching them before disappearing.

The next day at Stranger's store, Leon reveals that he moved away to Hawaii to train at the were wolf training camp to learn how to control his abilities. Despite that putting a huge strain as kids, Justin is willing to patch things up between them, which Leon agrees. Suddenly Lillith began rubbing Justin's shoulders due to her cookie plan failing, which leads to another romance fight between Lillith and Courtney. The others just watch as Elsa says she's glad guys don't fight over her like this. Outside the female red cloaked hunter reports to her higher ups that the team despite having monsters among their ranks, did her job. She is then ordered to stay in town and keep an eye on them.