Victor profile
Vital statistics
Position NightBumpers Muscle, Zombie Fighter
Age 18 (Aging has now stopped)
Status Undead, Single
Hair None
Eyes Brown (left) Bloodshot Red (right)
Physical attributes
Height 6'4"
Weight 200 lbs
Personality statistics
Likes Sports, Buttkicking, Pizza with maggots, grubs, cockroaches, Hot Dogs, Gummi Fungus
Dislikes adjusting to being a zombie, losing his limbs
Family Tree
Family Cystone Family (formerly when he was alive)
Other statistics
Voice Actor Khary Phayton

Victory Cystone was the former quarterback for the Amityville Jack O'Lanterns. But a zombie attack turns him into a sentient zombie, making him the muscle wildcard of the NightBumpers.


  • Name: Victor Cystone
  • Age: 18 (Aging has now stopped)
  • Hair: None
  • Eyes: Brown (left) Bloodshot Red (right)
  • Likes: Sports, Buttkicking, Pizza with maggots, grubs, cockroaches, Hot Dogs, Gummi Fungus
  • Dislikes: adjusting to being a zombie, losing his limbs
  • Family: Cystone Family (formerly when he was alive)


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As a person, Victor is a very outspoken and fun-loving character who likes to enjoy life, especially since he found friends who consider him a person, not a monster. He likes to enjoy playing video games, tinkering with the vehicles along with Justin and eating. He also tends to be stubborn and has had some serious arguments with Courtney in the past, but he does make a capable right-hand zombie and a good replacement leader when either Courtney or Justin are out or incapacitated. He also frequently bickers with either Leon or Gil, mostly about the latter's culinary taste and habit of misplacing all manners of personal items, though the three entertain a close friendship.

He takes on the protective big brother role to Elsa and either Max or Arte, getting quite upset when they get sad and tries his best to comfort them when he can. He hates losing battles, especially to seemingly insignificant opponents, and has been known to display emotions of anger (which he often takes out on his friends) frustration, and becoming depressed. What emotions he feels he feels deeply and passionately, but he also has a mature head on his shoulders at times.

He also possesses a tremendous appetite, and he will consume any edibles within his reach when hungry. His favorite food is barbecued hotdogs (yes, zombies can eat that stuff, even bologna) and he also especially enjoys other zombie-based foods.


  • Zombie enhanced strength
  • Zombie enhanced speed
  • Interchangeable Left Arms



Voice ActorEdit

Kharey Phayton